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Subsequent Visits at County Chiropractic Plymouth

Individual Treatments


On your second and subsequent visits, your chiropractor will firstly go through a quicker, more focused examination in order to establish how your musculoskeletal function is improving. Following this, a treatment will be carried out in a similar manner to your first treatment, again honed to be suitable for you and your complaint at this stage of your recovery.

As time goes by you will find that your treatments are gradually becoming more and more distant from each other. This does not mean that they are any less important than your initial treatments. Remember – each treatment builds on the last.

Shoulder treatment chiropractor

Brian will explain everything to you every step of the way.

Helping you achieve your Maximum!

At County Chiropractic Plymouth we want to be not just crisis-driven chiropractors who only see you when you’ve got bits hanging off and your body’s function is totally abhorrent. We want you to achieve your maximum! In some cases this is simply keeping your pain levels to a reduced, managed and safe level – for others, it’s allowing time for the strengthening of positive function within joints, ligaments and muscles, to keep you feeling well, so that next time your body feels the strain it is able to “roll with the punches” rather than being “knocked out for the count”!

This is what we call maintenance care.

If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact County Chiropractic Plymouth to arrange a thorough examination in our practice.

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