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Brian Quinn - Chiropractor

Hi, my name is Brian Quinn, DC. Firstly I’d like to welcome you to our website. We hope you find it an invaluable tool with which to explore the world of chiropractic. Just by reading this you are showing that you are willing to take the first steps towards a better and healthier future. So many people talk about their physical problems but don’t do anything about them, labeling them with such disempowering labels as “Well, it’s an age thing” or, “It’s only to be expected in my line of work.” Here at County Chiropractic Plymouth, we want to give you back the power to benefit your own health. Through your pro-activeness in taking the time to check out this website you are one of the few who decide to take action to improve your health and overall wellness.

Sporting Injury Lead to Chiropractic

I first became aware of chiropractic through a sporting injury at the age of 16 and after a long summer of sport. I had that year played for three different teams with varying age groups in Gaelic Football, and four in Hurling. I had also participated in my Running Club’s first county title-winning, Cross-Country team. On top of all this the local soccer season was just beginning. In my case, as in most cases of injury to joints, it was a simple activity which I had accomplished hundreds of times before which for some, (at the time unknown) reason had caused my body to give way.

Simply in the activity of taking a penalty in soccer I had managed to very momentarily dislocate my right hip joint. This caused massive trauma to the surrounding ligaments and muscles and caused extreme pain. The next day I went to consult, what I at that time thought was the “Oracle”, my local GP. After one test he decided to give me the diagnosis of “irritable hip”, prescribed me some iron tablets and sent me on my way.

Brian Quinn - Chiropractor

I Decided to Consult My Local Chiropractor

Six months later and with little or no improvement, I decided to consult my local chiropractor. He performed what must have been at least 20 tests and decided that the main problem wasn’t my hip even though that was causing the symptoms, but that a large joint in my pelvis (my sacroiliac joint) had become stuck, causing my hip to have to take excess pressure during the leg-swinging activity of kicking the ball.

After working to loosen out my sacroiliac and hip joints, along with treating my mid-back and knee to help get rid of the compensations to limping, I returned first to running and then full sporting activity within three months. After being treated and seeing for myself the fruits of chiropractic management I decided to immerse myself in the chiropractic degree course in Wales and, after five years, duly graduated.

County Chiropractic Plymouth Has Been Serving Plymouth Since 2003!

I returned to Ireland and worked in the clinic of the first chiropractor who had treated me. After working in my home town and helping to generate another practice in a nearby town, I decided to move back to the UK. I worked in Bristol while I searched for an area where I could set up my own practice. So, in August of 2003, I started this practice here in Plymouth and, over the past few years, have seen it grow and flourish.

Over my years of treating I have seen so many cases in which patients have waited for injuries to go away, sometimes for weeks or years, coming to see me and allowing me to help them to improve and recover from these injuries. 


So, If you’re in pain now or even if you’re simply not feeling 100%, why not give County Chiropractic Plymouth a ring and allow us to see if we can help. Our initial consultation is free, so what’s stopping you from being even more proactive and actually doing something to help yourself.

Sam Harris(MChiro) - Chiropractor

I graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic with a master’s degree following five years of education in neurological and musculoskeletal disorders of the human body. I am passionate about patient-centred, evidence-based Chiropractic care, placing emphasis on patients playing an active role throughout their treatment at the clinic. Since completing my clinical internship in Bournemouth I have moved back to my hometown of Plymouth and have enjoyed seeing patients from a variety of backgrounds and professions with a broad spectrum of injuries. I take pride and satisfaction in providing excellent care to each of my patients through education, advice and manual therapy, empowering them to achieve their personal goals. 

Sam Harris - Chiropractor
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